Opening its doors to two hundred 9th grade students in September of 2000, Esperanza Academy Charter High School was founded by Nueva Esperanza, Inc., a Community Development Corporation, to serve the educational needs of North Philadelphia.

Today, Esperanza Academy is a comprehensive college preparatory four-year high school with over 1400 students in grades 6 - 12. The normal hours of operation for the school are 7:30am- 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

Mission Statement
Esperanza Academy Public Charter High School is dedicated to providing a quality education that prepares critically thinking, socially capable, spiritually sensitive and culturally aware young adults who can use English, Spanish and technology as tools for success in the 21st century.

Points of Interest

• 96.23% of the student population is Hispanic, the remaining 3.56%, African-American
• 93.3% Graduation Rate for the Class of 2014
• 97.8% College Acceptance Rate for the Class of 2014
• 79.4% College Enrollment Rate for the Class of 2014
• 92.68% Attendance Rate for the 2014 Academic Year