HS Course Progression

Esperanza Academy Course Progression

Below you will find the general course progression for a student starting at Esperanza Academy Charter High School in the 9th grade. Each student's course progression is reviewed and determined based on previous coursework and enrollment in honors and/or Advance Placement courses. 


9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade


Perspectives ELA Year *H

Genre Year *H

US Literature Block *H

US Literature Year *H

Brit Lit Block *H

Contemporary Lit Year

AP Language Year

Math – A

Algebra 1A Year

Algebra 1 Year

Geometry Year

Algebra 2 Year

Math – B

Algebra Year

Geometry Year

Algebra 2 Year

Pre-Calculus Year

Senior Math

Math – honors track

Algebra 1 Honors Year

Geometry Honors Year

Algebra 2 Honors Year

Pre-Calculus Honors year

AP Calculus Year

Calculus Honors Year


Physical Science Year *H

Physical Science Block *H

Biology Year *H

Chemistry Block *H

Science Elective:

Env. Science Block

AP Chem Year

AP Bio Year

A&P Honors Block

Forensics Block Dual

Forensics Year

Physics Year

Social Studies

Perspectives SS Year

World History Block *H

World History Year *H

AP World History Year

US History Block *H

US History year *H

AP US History Year

Political Science Block *H

Political Science Year *H

AP Government Year

Economics Dual

(Class of 2019 will start Spanish in 9th grade)

Spanish 1

Spanish NS 1

Spanish 2

Spanish NS 2

Spanish 3

Spanish NS 3

AP Spanish


Freshmen Seminar

Sophomore Seminar

Junior Seminar


Elective 1

Elective 2

Elective 3


PE (or somewhere 9-12)

*H = Honors Available  

AP Offerings:

  • Language
  • Calculus
  • World History
  • US History
  • Government
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Art Studio
  • Spanish

Dual Enrollment Classes:

  • Economics (in place of Political Science)
  • Forensics (as 4th science)
  • Intro to Psychology

****Honors classes are weighted increasing grade point values by .5. AP and Dual Enrollment courses are also weighted increasing grade point values by 1 full point.