EA Parents

Esperanza Academy Public Charter School recognizes that parental involvement increases the opportunity for student success. Parents are welcome at the school on a regular basis to visit classrooms, participate in group meetings, meet with their own child’s teachers and administrators, chaperone activities and serve on committees.

Esperanza Academy provides parents with constant information regarding the curriculum, academic assessments, expected proficiency levels of students, the State’s academic content standards, student achievement standards, local assessment and how to monitor a child’s progress as well as how to work with the teachers through the following means:

  • Ability to access students’ grades, assignments, discipline incidents, and attendance through PowerSchool Student Information System.

  • Quarterly mailings with progress reports and teacher correspondence

  • Monthly newsletters

  • Webpage information on upcoming events, resources and announcements/achievements.

  • Group and individual E-mails/post mailings

  • Telephone Calls

  • Meetings, presentations, workshops and twice yearly parent/teacher conferences