We are presently accepting applications for students in grades K-12 for the 2020-2021 school year!

Applicants interested for 2020-21 school year should download, print and complete the 2020-2021 application located below. Applicants may also visit our main office at 301 W. Hunting Park Avenue to pick up an application in person.  Please contact us with questions or for more information at 215-457-3667.

We look forward to welcoming you and your children to the Esperanza family.  Please note:

  • An application is not a guarantee acceptance.

  • Students are admitted depending upon the number of slots that are available for each grade. Parents will be notified by mail as to whether or not your child has been admitted.

  • If your child is not admitted and you are still interested in having him/her attend EA, you must re-apply for the next school year.

2020 - 2021 Application form is available by clicking here.
2019 - 2020 Application form is available by clicking here.

Application for 2020-2021 School Year

Student Application 2020-2021

Esperanza Academy K – 12th

Grade Applying: 

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Student’s Full Name:  Last, First, Middle Initial:

Mailing Address: (proof of residency is required upon acceptance) Street: 

City or Town:  State:  Zip Code:  Date of Birth:  Current Grade:  

Current School: 


Please indicate below any sibling/s currently attending Esperanza Academy.

Last Name, First Name, and Current Grade:  


Parent/Guardian’s Full Name:  

Parent/Guardian's Last, First, Middle Initial: 

Mailing Address: (If different than students) Street: 

City or Town:  State:  Zip Code:  Cellular Number: Home Phone Number:

Work Phone Number:  Email Address:

Parent/Guardian Signature:  Date:

Parent Confirmation/Receipt K-12th 2020-2021

Date Received:______ Time Received: _______Staff Initials: ______

Parent/Guardian’s Name:_________Student’s Name: ___________

Application may be completed onsite/online or returned via fax or mail to address listed below.

301 West Hunting Park Avenue • Philadelphia, PA 19140 • Phone 215-457-3667• Fax 215-457-4381

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