Recognition Breakfast
Posted on 04/12/2019

Congratulations to outstanding and improved students!

On Tuesday, April 9th, there was a third quarter recognition breakfast that took place during first period. Students who were in the breakfast received a slip of paper that told them that they would be excused and they received a breakfast consisting of waffles, sausages and fruit in the school’s cafeteria. For their hard work, these students were awarded with certificates listing them as the most improved student or an excellence certificate. Teachers were asked to choose one student for each of these categories out of all of their classes. Over 50 students were honored for their work in the third quarter.

In the future, if students want to take part in this ceremony, they should continue to work hard in all their classes and get recognized by their teachers.


949 This blurb was written by Billie Rosado, a Journalism student.