Carver Chess Tournament

Carver Chess Tournament
Posted on 12/10/2018

Yet another congratulations to the Esperanza Chess Team! On Saturday, December 1st, Esperanza sent 21 students went to the Chess Tournament at Carver High School of Engineering and Science. Esperanza’s team was the biggest in the tournament. Moises Hernandez-Mejias took home the second place trophy in his 8th grade division. The team competed against Masterman's best players, who has have been competing nationally for many years. Angel Rosario-Valentin “scholar's mated” two opponents in under five minutes. Scholar's mate is the quickest checkmate pattern to win a game. We are all very proud of the team and love to see how successful they are. Another special thanks to all of the students who participated in the competition.

Sixth grade team

Angel Rosario-Valentin  

Vanessa Vazquez

Paola Feliciano-Soto

8th grade team

Moises Hernandez-Mejias

Christopher DeJesus-Bones

Jose Velazquez

Dylan Serrano

Alexander Ortiz-devillate

7th-12th grade U800 team

Osvaldo Perez

Jadrian Muniz-Colon

Steven Rodriguez

Deilyn Serrano

Bryan Bueno

Angelis Feliciano-Soto

Natasha Sanchez-Otero

Ivonne Garcia-Almanzar

High School Open Team

Wellington Macahquiza-Iza

Ilian Jimenez-Velazquez

Valentino Martinez-Saldivar

Julio De la Rosa

Jose De la Cruz

A special thank you goes to Kim Hummel and Angelo Dellomargio for supporting the students, giving them pep- talks, feeding them, and driving them around all Saturday. The team could not have been as successful without your help!

This blurb was written by Cariannie Ortolaza, a senior journalism student.