Continuity of Education Plan

Continuity of Education Plan
Posted on 03/25/2020
We have a schoolwide plan as well as a plan for each building and a plan for Special Education students as well as English Learners.  These plans outline how we will educate our students while school buildings are closed.  Thank you to building administration, department chairs and teachers for making this happen.  I believe we have solid plans including daily learning schedules that will help us to make the best of a difficult situation.  We have set up the infrastructure to become a virtual school in a 2 week span.  This is a heavy lift.  We will undoubtedly have to tweak some things but we have plans in place to move forward.  We are going to honor our spring break calendar as I know we have been working diligently since school has been closed.  We will then begin to execute our Continuity of Education plan=se starting on April 13.  Building administrators will communicate specifics to parents and staff concerning their plans.  I will send communication home to families explaining the general nature of our schoolwide plan.  Yesenia  Garcia is going to send the schoolwide plan and building plans out to all so you are aware of how we are moving forward at all grade levels and with all types of learners.  

Continuity of Education Plan - High School.pdf
Continuity of Education Plan-Elementary School.pdf
Continuity of Education Plan-Middle School.pdf
Continuity of Education Plan-Schoolwide.pdf
Continutiy of Education Plan-ELD .pdf
Continuity of Education Plan-Special Education.pdf