Esperanza Chess Team

Esperanza Chess Team
Posted on 10/22/2018

The Esperanza High School and Middle School Chess Team, the Chess Queens, competed on Saturday, October 20th, in the All Girls Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships in Washington, DC. With a team of 10, they were the largest team of girls in chess, spanning 11 years old to 16 years old - 6th through 10th grades. Daiana Espindola, 10th grader and team captain, took 4th place in the top section! Esperanza is very proud of the girls and how they represented our school in the nation’s capital. It’s quite obvious that the team is filled with future leaders and the school is proud of the intelligent and exemplary young women that represented us.
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The Esperanza Chess Queens Team consists of the following members:

Daiana Espindola (10th)

Angelika Gonzalez (10th)

Alisha Parra-Castillo (10th)

Ivonne Garcia-Almanzar (9th)

Daiana Melendez (8th)

Angelie Feliciano-Soto (8th)

Lovelia Turcios-Olivera (8th)

Natasha Otero-Sanchez (8th)

Paola Feliciano-Soto (6th)

Vanessa Vasquez (6th)

​by DeAndre Freeman, ​sophomore journalism student