NHS - Chosen 300

On Wednesday, March 20th, 10 of the Esperanza National Honors Society (NHS) students went out to Chosen 300 (a homeless shelter) on Spring Garden where they helped serve more than 200 people. They gave out warm meals, waited the tables, swept, etc to help make those people feel welcomed. The students showed great attitude and real citizenship through their actions.  Their efforts make our school and community proud!

The following students who volunteered are Stefani Turcios, Yaidhelle Marte, Nylet Ramirez, Marina Linares, Angel Natal, Mario Roque-Salguero, Cynthya Rodriguez, Dernaly Peralta, Natalie Ariza, and Sahira DelosSantos-Tapia.

Additionally, thank you to Mr. Grow, Ms. Spurlark, and Ms. Morales for helping chaperone and serve! dsafdsaf dsfsd

This blurb was written by Lisa Hernandez, a sophomore Journalism student.