NHS Tutoring

Each year Esperanza Academy expands its campus more and more and last year, Esperanza made one of its biggest expansions when the elementary school was established. When receiving knowledge of this, NHS thought that it would be a great idea to work together with the elementary school campus because as Esperanza grows our connection with each other should be stronger. NHS members Angel Natal and Natalie Ariza created the idea of having tutoring sessions with the elementary school students. After getting the event approved by administration, this project started to pick up and gain momentum.  The organization’s first day at the elementary school was on Wednesday, March 27th. NHS will continue to tutor on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays - they will help the elementary school students with their weekly homework packet and their 100 book challenge. ASDSAD

This blurb was written by Natalie Ariza, a junior Journalism student.