School Progress Report Award

School Progress Report Award
Posted on 01/31/2018

I want to congratulate the Middle School on being named a peer leader by the School District of Philadelphia for our student outcome data.  Each year the school district measures all district and charter schools using the School Performance Report (SPR) Metric. This metric also divides the city up into peer groups based on demographic and socioeconomic data.

Due to our data in many different areas we achieved the highest ranking citywide for all middle schools in our peer group.This is a wonderful achievement that deserves to be recognized and celebrated.  We will have more details on the scores as they are being released today. The Mayor, District Superintendent and the School Reform Commission Chair among others were on hand to present this award to us at a ceremony at Potter-Thomas School.  Only a select amount of schools were awarded today. This is an exciting accomplishment by our students, families, staff, administration, board and the entire Esperanza organization.

The High School also is measured by the SPR and earned incredible gains in our HS score.  While we may not have achieved the highest in our peer group we are certainly near the top.  Our Middle School score rose from a 21 to a 57. Our High School score increased from a 38 to a 53.  Congratulations to all!

 David Rossi  CEO