Students Run Philly Style

Students Run Philly Style
Posted on 11/21/2018

Congratulations to Esperanza Students Run Philly Style! On Saturday, November 17th, Esperanza’s Run Philly Style Team participated in the Rothman 8K. Led by Ms. Reed, Mr. Sweeney, and Mr. Baxter, the students have been preparing to take part of this five mile race since September. Overall, including the students who were not able to participate in the race, and other staff leaders, the group has ran nearly 600 miles in preparation!

A congratulations goes out to all members, especially to those who ran in the race this past Saturday:

12th graders:

Ozias Ayala

Erika Tubon-Iza

11th graders:

Wellington Machaquiza-Iza

Nayeli Martinez

10th graders:

Kristy Maurath-Pelaez

Camil Nunez-Reyes

Mateo Ruiz-Leal

DeAndre Santiago

This blurb written by Nylet Ramirez, a senior Journalism student. asdasdsdfdsffdf