We have the 3rd Best Chess Player in Philadelphia

Middle School Chess Regular Season Standings Are In
Posted on 01/13/2020
"I am so pleased to announce that after Tuesday's final match for the Middle School Chess team, 8th grader DYLAN SERRANO is the 3 BEST CHESS PLAYER IN PHILADELPHIA!!! 
He will be taking an individual trophy at the finals match in February for Esperanza. 

Additionally, the Middle School Team is in 4th place going into the playoffs! This is an exceptional feat being that the team this year is made up nearly entirely of brand new players. 

Masterman, Meredith, and Mitchell, respectively will also be joining EA in the Wild Card, Semi-Finals, and Final matchups starting next month. 

Attached are some adorable pictures of the Elementary, Middle, and High School teams warming up before the match together. 

Senior Wellington Machaquiza (top player in the HS and the older brother of killer MS team member Jocelyn Machaquiza) was available to help the Elementary students find their pairings and review games during the match, as well as to help Dylan Serrano prepare for his match up against 1st place Mitchell player Brooklyne Spraggins.

Brooklyne plays the Scotch Opening, which Wellington is versed in, and he was reviewing with Dylan the Sicilian Dragon as a possible defense against the opening. Although Dylan lost that match, it was a loss on time and the benefit of having all three generations present was immense. 

The Elementary students seemed to be instantly drawn to the game Wellington and Dylan were analyzing as if by magnets! Wellington was overwhelmed by the 3rd graders commentary on the game (they had a lot to say). I cannot wait until they progress to the middle school!"

- Ms. Moshier